FlashForge 3D printer Filament PETG PRO-Natural-1 KG/Spool


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  1. Easy to print
  2. Moisture proof
  3. High glossy
  4. Temperature resistant
  5. No printing odor


This is a FlashForge 3D printer Filament PETG PRO – natural – 1 KG/Spool. These are PETG filaments made by Flash forge. This is a new line of filaments from Flash forge which are made from high quality and pure PETG materials. Flashforge’s PETG Pro is an improved PETG 3D printing filament, which not only has balanced mechanical and thermal properties, but also improves the usability of filaments and reduces the printing temperature. The raw materials we use are FDA approved and food-contact compliant.

PETG is a filament similar in rigidity to PLA while retaining significantly higher structural integrity and strength. In fact PETG is one of the strongest materials currently available on the home 3D printer market while still being very low warp and easy to print. PETG allows you to produce higher quality parts that can be used straight out of your printer! With a glass temperature of 80 degrees, this is filament that will withstand some seriously hot environments. The FlashForge 3D printer Filament PETG PRO-natural-1 KG/Spool is safe, temperature resistant.


  1. Higher strength
  2. Smoother finish than ABS & PLA
  3. Safe
  4. Easy to print
  5. Temperature resistant
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