Creality LD-002H LCD Resin UV Photocuring 3D Printer


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  1. Molding Size : 130x82x160mm – 5.12×3.23×6.3inch
  2. Resolution: 1620×2560
  3. Curing time: 1-4s/layer
  4. Display: 3.5-inch touchscreen
  5. Uplift Speed: 50-200mm/min


The Creality LD-002H LCD Resin UV Photocuring 3D Printer is a powerful tool for your 3D printing needs. It offers high-resolution printing, allowing you to bring your designs to life with incredible precision. The LCD screen provides intuitive control and real-time monitoring of your printing progress, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

With UV photocuring technology, this printer delivers fast and efficient resin curing, resulting in quicker and more reliable prints. The large build volume gives you the freedom to create bigger and more complex models. Plus, you can print offline, eliminating the need for a constant computer connection.


  1. FAST PRINTING AND LONGER LIFESPAN – Creality LD002H 3D resin printer uses a 6-inch monochrome LCD of 2K HD with 2560×1620 resolution, only taking 1-4s/layer exposure to cure resin, which could significantly increase your printing efficiency and save your time. Moreover, monochrome LCD has a much longer lifespan and stable performance during long-time printing.
  2. ULTRA ACCURACY PRINTING – This resin printer is equipped with a UV-integrated light source module and upgraded transmission system, working together with 2K mono LCD, the light source can reach 8000uw/cm2, which greatly improves the printing precision and details.
  3. AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM WITH ACTIVATED CARBON – The SLA 3D printer has a built-in air filtering system. There is a small box at the rear of the print chamber containing a pouch of activated carbon, which can absorb the fume of the exposed resin and offer you a refreshing printing experience.
  4. CHITUBOX SLICING SOFTWARE – This LCD 3D printer installs the latest version of CHITU BOX Slicing Software, which supports one key to add the model support and adjust the modeling size, easy to achieve all the functions you want.
  5. BETTER USER EXPERIENCE – The LD002H 3D printer adopts a user-friendly 3.5-inch full-color touchscreen UI design interface that can monitor real-time printing information, easy to operate. Lower the print platform and keep only a distance of a piece of paper, then lock the leveling nut to finish the leveling, saving much more time than before.
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